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Today im going to promote about a software called as Lookout. Its a security software which special for Mobile application especially Smartphone. From their article entitle "Lookout looks to curb Phone Theft", they said that the phone theft cases has rises recently, based on their survey on January 2013, they said that almost one in ten people in the US have had a phone stolen.

Phone theft really serious problem because its not just waste your money to buy the new one but it also will be worst if  you store some important data in there.For example, if you store some of your personal information such as Bank card number, Email password and in your smartphone. its its stolen there was a chance the Thief will known your personal information eventually will risk your life.

In order to to avoid that happens Lookout security have come out few ways. First you need to log in to their website as in figure 1. Once you done it, you will need to go to find my device link. The website will locate your device.

Picture 1

Once they found it you can either choose start loud alarm to locate your device nearby, Lock your device so the theft wont able to see your data and the last one is Wipe which means completely erase your device so its clean from any data.

Picture 2

Picture 3

P/s: make sure you have internet on your device

For more information you can go through this link Lookout

Lookout looks to curb Phone Theft
Survey on January 2013 


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