Lookout a Mobile Security

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Today im going to promote about a software called as Lookout. Its a security software which special for Mobile application especially Smartphone. From their article entitle "Lookout looks to curb Phone Theft", they said that the phone theft cases has rises recently, based on their survey on January 2013, they said that almost one in ten people in the US have had a phone stolen.

Phone theft really serious problem because its not just waste your money to buy the new one but it also will be worst if  you store some important data in there.For example, if you store some of your personal information such as Bank card number, Email password and in your smartphone. its its stolen there was a chance the Thief will known your personal information eventually will risk your life.

In order to to avoid that happens Lookout security have come out few ways. First you need to log in to their website as in figure 1. Once you done it, you will need to go to find my device link. The website will locate your device.

Picture 1

Once they found it you can either choose start loud alarm to locate your device nearby, Lock your device so the theft wont able to see your data and the last one is Wipe which means completely erase your device so its clean from any data.

Picture 2

Picture 3

P/s: make sure you have internet on your device

For more information you can go through this link Lookout

Lookout looks to curb Phone Theft
Survey on January 2013 

Google Glass

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Today as we know, Technology have been developed more drastically, far then what we can imagine. Long time ago, there was no Smartphone, no personal computers. After few decade, as we can see now those things which we never imagine before are now in front of our eyes.

For examples, latest google's invention products named "Google Glass". Work as a phone, a camera, remainder, SMS, GPS and many more. The technology looks like a spectacles with small rectangular glass and a small camera on the fronts.

Using this new technology you can record video everywhere you are, without need to bring anything in your hands. Send SMS (Short Message Service) to your friends and family without need to use your finger to type. Take a picture even your hands are full of things, tell you the direction and distance like GPS (Global Positioning System) application and many more.

The Voice Recognition System in this Google Glass make it easier to use. You just need to say something for example say " Glass take a picture", then the glass will take a picture for you. "Glass play music" then the glass will play music for you. EASY right?

For more detail you can find out through this link:
Google Glass

Khemah Ibadah 2011

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kali ini saya ingin menceritakan pengalaman sepanjang menjadi komitee program Khemah Ibadah 2011. Memegang jawatan sebagai komitee dibawah depart Modul, activity and Dicipline (MANDI), iaitu sebuah department yang boleh dikatakan sebagai jantung bagi program ini yang mana kami bertugas sebagai komitee yang bertanggungjawab untuk menyediakan segala aktiviti dan modul bagi program ini.

Selain itu saya juga memegang jawatan sebagai salah seorang pemantau disiplin (Kem Kom). Disini kami akan memantu segala pergerakan setiap peserta, menjaga keselamatan, dan sebagainya. Kem Kom merupakan salah satu tugas yang amat penting dan berat dalam program ini.

First day
Dimulai dengan pendaftaran peserta di multi purpose hall. Hari ini saya bekerja dengan kelam kabut sebab saya terpaksa menyiapkan tentatif yang terpaksa diubah pada saat akhir dan pada masa yang sama bertugas sebagai ketua usher bagi block V1-C.

Malam sebelumnya, saya terpaksa tidur pada pukul 4 pagi bagi menyiapkan buku modul yang kebanyakannya terpaksa diubah atas sebab tertentu. Sekali lagi masalah timbul apabila modul taaruf tidak dapat dijalankan kerana terdapat beberapa kesilapan yang serius dalam pembahagian kumpulan lelaki.

Satu perbincangan (postmotem) terpaka dijalankan selepas itu bagi membincangkan isu-isu berbangkit sepanjang sehari program berlangsung, problem2..postmotem sampai pukul 2 pagi, pastu meeting deepartment sampai pukul 4 pagi...huhuhu dah 2 hari ni..

Second day
Takpa baru dua hari...hari ni boleh la tidur awal sikit kan... oh no!! malam ni terpaksa tidur kul 4 jugak (jadi warden)....demi menjamin keselamatan peserta& memang tangungjawab bgitu...so tak tido la...huhuhu ...takpe baru 3 hari..

Meeting dpartment : 1 - 2.30 pagi
menjaga keselamatan peserta : 2 pagi - 4 pagi

Otak saya dah tak stabil dah...3 hari berturut-turut...nasib baik petang tu boleh tidur 2 jam..kurang la sikit...tapi OK la, modul2 dapat berjalan dengan agak lancar walaupun masih pening dengan penbahagian kumpulan lelaki.

Third day onword 
Sorry lupe lah

gambar pun x de, dah terlampau lame, dah ilang semua da :(

Iron Man 3 Spoilers

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Today im going to tell you guys about Iron Man 3 movie summary.

The story begin with Tony came to a talk in Switzerland, 1991. During the talk he suddenly make an enemy due to Tony's attitude which is ignore/fools other people around him, made a promise but dose not make it. Few years after that, that person (which became his enemy in Switzerland), become a very successful man, came and offer stark's industry CEO, to corp with him to produce and complete his new bio weapon. however she refuse it.

The conflict begin when tony's personal guard (happy) involve in a terrorist attack, the terrorist name is Mandrin, Tony challenge the Mandrin to attack his house by announce to public his house address.
The next day, the "Mandrin" came and attack Tony's house, however tony was survive in that attack.

Following the conflict, finally tony found out who behind the terrorist attack and who is their real "boss". The person whose he meet in Switzerland, (the one he make the promise with, the one who he make waiting up on hotel roof like a fool). That person finally found new biology weapon which we can call it as "Iron Man weakness". The weapon itself made from human body, which is transform human body to a weapon. The human body will able to produce 3000 Degree Celsius heat which able to melt the iron man.

However Tony come up with new strategy and new technology to defeat those new biology weapon. In the end, Tony quit become an Iron Man, heart surgery has being done to remove the metal plat from his heart. Thus, need to wear the mini reactor any more, end story.

Moral of story: 
Respect everyone around you
Don't make a promise if you cant make it
Never give up even you know you are screwed
Accept all your weakness, and use it as motivation to be a successful.


Aion profile review

assalamualikum w b t and hi,

Here is my latest aion profile, after few month non stop playing, finally i reach end game gear.
But this gear wont be last for so long, once 4.0 come out, my gear will be outdated.
This picture was taken on January 2013, before i start quit the game.

Armor: Elite Guardian Commander set (+10, +5, +5, +5, +6)
Weapon: Vasharti's Spear combine with "Elite Guardian Commander spear"  (+10)
Newname: Cerdikpandai
Old name: Cloudwan

Well let see if i will be back soon especially when 4.0 come out.

P1 WIMAX vs Celcom broadband

Salam w b t

Last few days ago, i got my P1 WIMAX adapter, after 1 week waiting for the delivery. For your information, i did use Celcom broadband before, however i change it because there was some serious reason regrading to celcom service.

The reason why i bought this P1 to replace Celcom broadband because, celcom broadband speed are so slow especially at the end of month, or when we exceed the quota. Celcom also have some connecting problem which are no signal, etc etc. When we read the detail the differences between celcom and P1, p1 are much more batter compared to celcom. (NOT final yet, you need to consider other aspect too)

you all can see the detail through this link : http://p1.com.my/forhome/?focus=plan

Celcom broadband adapter also bring a lot of benefit and trouble to their user. Small pan-drive shape of the adapter will enable their user to bring it everywhere they want. However, this small shape will make the adapter itself overheated, thus will disturb the signal of the broadband. This is one reason, when you use your broadband for over 1 hour++ the signal will turn from HSPA to EDGE and finally disconnect.

This one has 2 type of adapter like pan-drive, and the like box [2 in 1]

Based on performance, i would like to say that P1 is much batter compared to Celcom broadband (NOT ANYMORE starting early 2013), but still this is just beginning of month. I'm still testing the download and upload speed of this new product/ISP. However as did u all know, P1 has limited coverage compared to Celcom, the coverage area can be check through this link:

the newest P1 adapter [im using this type of adapter now]

Again, P1 is still new in Malaysia, the coverage area will grow from time to time, so no need to worry about that. There was a lot of P1 benefit, try found out yourself through this website : http://p1.com.my/

My own testimony for P1 after 1 year use :

Status: NOT recommended
Reason: P1 quality is NOT worth with the money you pay 

Other Reasons & Case: 
If you have a lot of money and want good (not best) internet speed, you batter choose P1, but if you don't have a lot of money. My advice you batter not.

Case Example: 
Last 3 months i did make request from P1 to on hold P1 services few few months, i did attach some latter as a proof for my leave and sent to P1. Few days after, i got a call from P1 HQ officer, he said they agree with it. However, today i need to pay up something i have not even use for last 3 months.

I may show you print screen, my usage history:

The picture below show usage amount, not even 1 single %, still i need to pay those 3 whole months include this months. This never happens in celcom, if you ask them to on hold, they will do it nicely. not like P1 they CHEATER.

They will suspend your account if you haven't pay for 2 months. and to reconnect back you need to pay RM10, that NEVER happens in Celcom.

Print screen, cover latter Internship with approval from HOD.

The only thing i left is the phone call history. If i have them i will win this.

They all LIE, never believe what they said, what they want is YOUR MONEY. They did not even care about you, so i make up my mind im going to terminate P1 with in this week. believe me its a mistake if you use P1. This is based on my experience.

Celcom is much batter, even they are a bit slow, but they never do that. They way they talk quite different from P1, P1 a bit RUDE.

That may not happens to you, but its happened to me today.

i will pay those RM 400, i may lose to you today but, you may see me in heaven. You cannot escape from heaven's judgment.

How pump works

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Pump is a device to transfer or move  fluid or gases by using mechanical mechanism. Pump can be clasified into three major type which are:

  • Direct lift, 
  • Displacement 
  • Gravity pump

Pumps usually need to consume energy in order to produce the out put (mechanism works). For example to move water from lower area to higher area, this can be done by using an electric motor to move the water from lower region to higher region, we usually can see this in many area including water treatment plant and many more.

However, this time i will focus on one type of pump which are displacement type of pump. This displacement type of pump can be divide into 2 type of pump which are:

  • Reciprocating positive displacement pumps
  • Rotary positive displacement pumps

I will focus on Reciprocating positive displacement pumps as its nvolve in my project, this pump again can be classified into four types accourding to its mechanism to transfer fluid and gases. Plunger pump, Diaphragm pump, piston displacement pump, and radial piston pump.

Diaphragm pump

This type of pump, will enable continues flow of fluid without need to continuously move the pump. When we   pull up the pump handler, the green layer will move up and create lower pressure inside the box, thus the water outside (the right side of the picture) will flow into the box. when its push down, higher pressure will created inside the box thus will force the fluid to move out from the box. 

The valve at the right and left side of the box will make sure the fluid flow in one way direction. 

However most of manual pump mechanism is almost the same, there just a bit different between them depends to what mechanism they use. For example Ram pump below, it use gravity mechanism to move the fluid from lower level to higher level.

Same with Nash pump, it use rotary motion to pump water, this mechanism usually used in car in order to cool down the engine. This pump usually located at the timing belt area, and it use the energy transferred from the rotating timing belt to pump the water to all part of the engine.

Water pump at PROTON Saga car 

That all from me thanks

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