Google Glass

Assalamualaikum w b t and Hi,

Today as we know, Technology have been developed more drastically, far then what we can imagine. Long time ago, there was no Smartphone, no personal computers. After few decade, as we can see now those things which we never imagine before are now in front of our eyes.

For examples, latest google's invention products named "Google Glass". Work as a phone, a camera, remainder, SMS, GPS and many more. The technology looks like a spectacles with small rectangular glass and a small camera on the fronts.

Using this new technology you can record video everywhere you are, without need to bring anything in your hands. Send SMS (Short Message Service) to your friends and family without need to use your finger to type. Take a picture even your hands are full of things, tell you the direction and distance like GPS (Global Positioning System) application and many more.

The Voice Recognition System in this Google Glass make it easier to use. You just need to say something for example say " Glass take a picture", then the glass will take a picture for you. "Glass play music" then the glass will play music for you. EASY right?

For more detail you can find out through this link:
Google Glass