Iron Man 3 Spoilers

Assalamualaikum w b t and hi,

Today im going to tell you guys about Iron Man 3 movie summary.

The story begin with Tony came to a talk in Switzerland, 1991. During the talk he suddenly make an enemy due to Tony's attitude which is ignore/fools other people around him, made a promise but dose not make it. Few years after that, that person (which became his enemy in Switzerland), become a very successful man, came and offer stark's industry CEO, to corp with him to produce and complete his new bio weapon. however she refuse it.

The conflict begin when tony's personal guard (happy) involve in a terrorist attack, the terrorist name is Mandrin, Tony challenge the Mandrin to attack his house by announce to public his house address.
The next day, the "Mandrin" came and attack Tony's house, however tony was survive in that attack.

Following the conflict, finally tony found out who behind the terrorist attack and who is their real "boss". The person whose he meet in Switzerland, (the one he make the promise with, the one who he make waiting up on hotel roof like a fool). That person finally found new biology weapon which we can call it as "Iron Man weakness". The weapon itself made from human body, which is transform human body to a weapon. The human body will able to produce 3000 Degree Celsius heat which able to melt the iron man.

However Tony come up with new strategy and new technology to defeat those new biology weapon. In the end, Tony quit become an Iron Man, heart surgery has being done to remove the metal plat from his heart. Thus, need to wear the mini reactor any more, end story.

Moral of story: 
Respect everyone around you
Don't make a promise if you cant make it
Never give up even you know you are screwed
Accept all your weakness, and use it as motivation to be a successful.



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